SMP Rules

A. Combat Rules

A1. Repetitive offensive kills (3/hr) are not allowed unless provoked.

A2. No spawn killing.

A3. Camping outside a claim with the sole purpose of killing someone is not allowed.

A4. No TP Trapping, Claim Hopping during PvP or PvP Trapping.

B. Client-Side

B1. Any type of Client-side modifications to give an advantage are not allowed. (ex. XRAY, “hacks'', fly, relog/Macro scripts)

B2. If an exploit/glitch is found it is to be brought to the staff’s attention. Not doing so will result in punishment.

B3. Assisting others in breaking rules will lead to punishment.

B4. The use of alternate accounts is not permitted for any reason, especially to avoid punishment or to abuse the voting system/gain extra town claims.

B5. Use of common-sense is required. If it doesn’t seem ok to do, ask before you do it. Staff have discretion if they feel something is wrong and malicious, even if not currently listed in rules.

– Badlion/Optifine/Lunar are exempt from this rule. If you’re unsure if something’s allowed, open a ticket in discord.

C. Claims

C1. You may not set homes inside a base, claim, or 50 blocks near one

of the specified areas without explicit permission.

C2. You may not push someone out of claims or manipulate them out of claims to kill them or cause any condition that they otherwise wouldn’t have in claims.

D. Builds

D1. You may not build any type of lag machines, or highly “laggy” systems. Unintentional lag machines will be removed.

D2. You may not construct buildings that resemble places, fictional or

non-fictional, that are deemed highly controversial (Gas chambers, swastikas, etc.)

E. Griefing and Stealing

E1. Joining a base solely for the reason of taking its resources/stealing items is forbidden.

E2. You may not spawn withers on the surface or underground near other towns for the purpose of griefing.