Discord Rules

1. No Harassment

Absolutely no harassment, hatred, or disrespect towards other people or groups. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, etc.

2. No Inappropriate Messages, Links or Usernames

Please do not post any NSFW content.

3. No Advertising

Do not advertise or promote other servers or anything not approved.

4. No Spamming or Soliciting

Please do not DM members unless given permission, do not spam, and please no solicitation of any kind.

5. Listen to Staff

Staff members have final say on what is/isn’t allowed. if you feel something was not solved properly, please create a ticket.

6. Tagging

Do not ping a staff member unless it is for a serious issue or you are already in a conversation with them. Do not spam ping any other members.

7. Follow Channel Setup

Use the proper channel for your discussions. Keep politics in the politics channel, music commands in the music bot channel, and so on.