Jobs Info

Jobs are a good way to make money and one of the first things you should look at when you first join the server. There are a total of 12 jobs that each reward you money for working on specific tasks such as mining and brewing. Every player has the ability to be working 3 jobs at the same time. To view the jobs menu, type `/jobs browse` which will bring up the following menu.

Hover over a job to get more information about it. You can right-click to join the job, middle-click to leave it, and left-click to learn more information.

This is an example of the "More Info" page for the builder job. It give the specifics of how much money you get for completing certain tasks. For instance, if you are a level 26 builder you get $0.84 every time you place an ice block. We do not currently use the point features but the XP helps you level up in your specific job and gain more money and experience per action.