Auction House

The Auction House is a great way to make money on valuable items or any extra items that you don't want. It is a safe and risk-free method of buying and selling items unlike physically trading. To view the Auction House type `/ah` and you will be presented with the interface below.

At the top, you can see the items that are currently up for auction. The sunflower in the bottom center allows you filter the listings by date and price. To list an item on the Auction House, just hold the item in your hand and type `/ah sell (price)`.

To buy an item, left click on the listing and click on the confirmation message. Item stay on the auction house for 24 hours. If an item you listed was not sold during this period, you can use `/ah return` to return the expired items to your inventory. Item listings must conform to the rules of the server and any item names that do not break this rule will be taken down. Breaking these rules could result in punishment and/or your ability to the Auction House being removed.